Dystopia: a preventive remedy against extremes

Dystopia is not just the title of a science fiction novel. Above all, it’s an innovative democratic prevention initiative. The objective is clear and more important than ever: to build a barrier against the rise of the far right in Europe. How? By encouraging European citizens to discuss and think about the rise of the far right, in expectation of the European Parliament elections in June 2024. ECAS, the European Citizen Action Service, is behind this campaign. Woomera has given its graphic support to European democracy.

Crowdsourcing: a collective experience

ECAS kicked off Dystopia with a crowdsourcing campaign from July to December 2023. Its goal? Financing the writing of a report, with recommendations for improving these European elections.

A total of 665 online participants contributed to the reflection, while 16 civil society organizations organized 25 workshops for 770 participants across the EU. Together, they explored scenarios, highlighting the weaknesses of the European democratic system in extreme circumstances. A brainstorming session which we hope has built thought stronger than political extremes.

Dystopia, design made by Woomera

Woomera has humbly tackled the challenge of creating the visual identity and a mini graphic charter including logotype, iconographic and typographic elements. In short, a complete toolkit containing all the elements needed to create the various campaigns in Europe and to give visual recognition to the Dystopia project.

Dystopia 2024: a graphic support for European democracy

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