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Woomera? It is the name of a spearthrower used by the aborigines, which allows to launch further and more accurately. This is precisely what we do on a daily basis for our clients, mainly in B2B and in institutional sector. We define the most accurate messages. We express them in the most relevant and creative way. And we spread them widely, for optimal reach (largely via digital channels) to achieve the desired marcom objectives.

We focus on delivering high quality work and the best results for our clients. And we always do so with a smile and personal touch.


Good ideas need a well thought-out strategy to realise their full potential.


Design is what brings the strategy to life


Collaboration and interaction to deliver operational excellence

Analyze > Design > Operate. We combine the best of our skills to make your projects a success. Be inspired by our latest case studies.

ADEPS – Sports Institution of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

5-year strategy and repositioning of the brand

For ADEPS, we have analysed all their studies and communication materials in order to define the brand and communication strategy for 2023. A very exciting project for a noble cause.

#Adeps #AdepsOfficial #BrandStrategy #Positioning #CommunicationStrategy #Cooperation #Teamwork #Research #ConsumerUnderstanding #Market Study

European Business Aviation Association

Real-time data visualization

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) asked us to build an online tool to allow their members and the market to visualise key data from the business aviation sector. A beautiful digital transformation project.

#DataVizualisation #BusinessAviation #RealTimeData #AircraftProfile #BusinessInteligence

bpost media

Website and communication for bpost’s PULSE survey

For bpost media we developed the website and communication tools to promote a large-scale quantitative and qualitative study that demonstrates the importance of the emotional impact of In Home Advertising (IHA) and papermail.

#Mailing #InHomeAdvertising #BPostMedia #IHACreativity #emotionmarketing

Pangloss International

Launch of a new service offer aimed at Top Executives

Specialised for many years in outplacement, Brussels based company Pangloss entrusted us with the positioning and communication strategy for the launch of a new offer aimed at Top Executives and C-levels.

#Outplacement #Branding #Charter #VisualIdentity #UniversGraphic #BrandDesign #BrandAssets

The Brewers of Europe

Re-connect post Covid communication campaign

Together with our client The Brewers of Europe, we have developed a campaign to promote the post-Covid reconnection necessity around the brewing sector, one of the pillars of the European economy and an undeniable symbol of conviviality.

#Re-connect #SupportingHospitalityt #TheBrewersOfEurope

Degroof Petercam

Graphic design and publishing Classic Cars

For our client Degroof Petercam, we regularly work on MOOK designs that address investment themes for collectors and enthusiasts. Here is a unique edition for collectors and car enthusiasts.

#ZouteGrandPrix #DegroofPetercam #ClassicCars #Knokke-Heist

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