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Woomera is the name of a propeller used for thousands of years by the aborigines. It allows you to throw the spears farther, harder and with more precision during the hunt. This allows them to achieve better results. This promise of better results through the use of the right tools (of communication!), is written in the DNA of Woomera.

Woomera, communication agency in Brussels

We strive to achieve the best possible results at every stage of your communication development via:

  • Strategy: advice and support for the implementation of communication strategies and digital strategies
  • Design: we use design, branding and creativity to develop brand identities, infographics, videos, campaigns, publications, etc… that enhance your reputation, your products and your services.
  • Web design and beyond: websites, campaigns and advertisements on social networks, email marketing and newsletters…

And as communication is our job as much as our passion, we always work in a good mood, with a focus on human contact, and at affordable rates.


Develop your communication strategy
and your digital strategy

By combining advice, personalized support, strategic insight and creativity, we help our clients achieve their goals through the right strategies and tools.


Creativity at the heart of your communication
and your campaigns

Our creative team is always committed to producing visual media (infographics, videos, campaign visuals, print publications, posts…) and experiences that elevate your messages, your image and your reputation…


Your website and your digital communication
in good hands

Our team’s expertise in website design, social media campaigns, and digital marketing allows us to meet the highest standards of the market. And for the offline communication, we are not left behind!

Located in the heart of Europe, Woomera works with local companies as well as national, European and international organizations.

Communication for industry associations and public relations

Industry associations & public relations

With a long experience in public relations and communication for European, international or local sectoral associations, Woomera has developed a flexible approach that allows an easy collaboration with all stakeholders and produces qualitative results.

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Develop the business and build the brand image

Business to Business & corporate

From strategic guidance to the realization of websites, campaigns, advertisements, various publications and visual material through branding and design, Woomera is at the service of companies and organizations wishing to develop their communication and obtain successful results.

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Customized communication for institutions and local authorities

Institutions and local authorities

Woomera has developed a real know-how in communication for institutions and local authorities to whom it provides flexible, sharp and qualitative services. These services range from strategic consulting to the complete implementation of projects and campaigns.

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Develop agile and qualitative communication for SMEs and startups

Small businesses and startups

Developing agile, high-quality communications isn’t always easy for small companies and startups. Our understanding of their specific needs and our mastery of the most common tools and platforms allow us to be both highly responsive and, above all, very competitive.

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Blog and news

Martine Zunini exhibits at Woomera from April 12 to 14

Martine Zunini exhibits at Woomera from April 12 to 14

From April 12 to 14, the Woomera gallery-agency hosts the exhibition "Soudain la terre me regarde. J’entends son Cri" by Martine Zunini Martine Zunini, who won an award at the Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi triennial for "Jeunes Russes au bord de la Volga",...

Cycloparking and Woomera work in tandem at Bike Brussels

Cycloparking and Woomera work in tandem at Bike Brussels

At the heart of the urban city life, bicycle bells rang out over the weekend of March 22-24, 2024, for the flagship event dedicated to soft mobility: Bike Brussels on the Tour et Taxis site. Two-wheeled enthusiasts and neophytes alike converged on this event dedicated...

Dystopia 2024: a graphic boost for European democracy

Dystopia 2024: a graphic boost for European democracy

Dystopia: a preventive remedy against extremes Dystopia is not just the title of a science fiction novel. Above all, it's an innovative democratic prevention initiative. The objective is clear and more important than ever: to build a barrier against the rise of the...

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