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Creativity and design for your brands and campaigns

Good ideas need a beautiful, clear visual translation to realize their full communication potential. A bold, relevant strategy is essential, but when it stands out visually, it generates more engagement and higher ROI.

Logo creation, branding, graphic design

Visual identity and logo creation

We create graphic identities for a wide variety of projects (institutions, SMEs, craftsmen, industry associations, digital communication campaigns, etc.).

A unique identity helps make your project stand out and identifiable.

Visual identity often starts with the creation of a logo for your office tools, but that’s only the beginning of the story. The graphic charter, a simple document to be used by your service providers and your teams, is sent to you at the end of the assignment.

Branding and image


We deploy your brand image and advertising on your website and all digital media, as well as on traditional contact points such as brochures and magazines, in a coherent, relevant and differentiating way.

Brands also communicate through objects: textiles and stands, for example, are the ideal complement to your visual presence as part of event communication.

Graphic design, web design, computer graphics

Graphic – web design

Graphics and design are everywhere in brand life. Our design team produces the elements needed to communicate through images on the web (websites, digital advertising campaigns, and social networks), and in digital or print publications. Our goal: to make your brand stand out!

Video and motion design

Motion design and video

Images are consumed in motion. Woomera creates short , motion-designed videos mainly for social networks and websites. Motion design videos, always in line with your brand image, are the perfect medium for communicating more complex ideas than traditional advertising.

Graphics and data visualization

Data visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our team regularly composes infographics and digital dashboards to feed communication with more educational and sometimes complex information and messages.

Graphics and packaging


Packaging is part of the story. Woomera supports new projects (launching a brand or a new range) from strategy right through to the product on the shelves. Our team is also sometimes entrusted with packaging redesign missions (modernization, evolution…).

Do you need logo creation, graphics, design or branding? Want to develop your brand image? Your website? Your social networks?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to explain your needs and your project. A Woomera expert will get back to you to discuss the matter and provide you with valuable advice.

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