Develop the business and build the brand image

For a company whose majority of customers are other businesses, communication and marketing have a direct impact on sales and the bottom line. Building your brand’s image is essential, but in B2B it’s all about being as close as possible to business imperatives.

Personalized support,
from strategy to execution

Business-to-business communication means being able to adapt the same message to different targets with different concerns. Addressing a CEO, CFO or CMO involves 3 different levels of discourse and the use of a variety of media. An exercise we’re no stranger to.

At Woomera, we apply this expertise and this way of thinking about B2B projects and campaigns to many of our customers. Whether it’s web and digital projects, branding and design, social media communication or audio-visual and print channels, we support numerous B2B customers on a daily basis.

Tailor-made services for B2B

Every B2B customer is unique. That’s why our offers, recommendations and proposals are always tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our customers and prospects, from strategic support to the implementation of actions and campaigns.

Strategic support

(Re)define a positioning, identify and analyze one or more communication targets, develop the most relevant messages, establish a customer journey… These are all key elements in building more effective communication strategies, in order to guarantee positive R.O.I. and business impact of our B2B customers.

Through collaborative workshops and recommendations, we help you define the winning strategic choices.

Advertising and communication campaigns

Whether it’sincrease brand awareness with its various target audiences and build your image, d’acquire new customers or build customer loyalty Our creative team is always on hand to design and create campaigns that hit the bull’s-eye, with just the right amount of creativity to get the message across effectively.

Communicating in B2B doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. We work on this every day with our customers.

Website design and optimization

Building an effective, high-performance website that generates leads for your business is a challenge we take on for our customers. Your website is a key element in the success of your business and is generally the entry point for your prospects.

A readable structure, optimal UX and quality SEO are essential for your communication and your business.

Our expertise (mainly in WordPress and Drupal) enables us to set up highly efficient sites for our customers at very competitive costs.

Creation and design à la carte

Some of our customers work with large agencies for their advertising campaigns, but need a more agile, responsive and affordable partner for day-to-day communication needs.

Producing computer graphics, flyers, window stickers, postcards and other simple communication tools that need to be ready quickly, well done and inexpensive is one of the services that our B2B customers appreciate from us.

Social networks and community management

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok? Advertising or organic publications? Which social networks are best? And above all, for what results?

Our specialists have the answers to these questions, and can advise you on the best way to develop your social networking presence to meet your objectives, while staying within your budget.

Motion design, video, audio-visual…

More than ever, audio-visual content is being used for communication. B2B is no exception, and our customers are increasingly asking us for motion design videos, short spots for social networks or the website, audio content such as podcasts

We have solutions for producing this type of support within very affordable budgets. And if we’re talking about a corporate campaign, we create it and then produce it with a partner production company.

A watchword: agility

Recent years have shown that we need to adapt quickly to changing situations. The same applies to communication. We know that deadlines are often tight, that agendas are full, and that we need to react quickly to make the most of opportunities.

For our team, agility has become second nature. We’ve learned to adapt and handle emergencies when necessary. For the impossible, we do our best!

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