SMEs and startups

Size doesn’t matter! That’s what we think at Woomera, putting our marketing and communications skills to work for everyone, whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, a small business or a start-up.

In search of the best value for money

We’re well aware of budgetary constraints and the need for greater flexibility to meet the needs of smaller organizations. But in this field, we have a proven track record and have developed the know-how, processes and tools to ensure that we don’t compromise on quality, while remaining within budgets adapted to individual needs.

Our expertise in marketing, graphics and design, our skills in building websites and particularly in WordPress, our knowledge of Google tools and social networks are at your service. Whatever your size, whatever your needs!

Let’s talk about your communication needs

The communication needs of an SME or startup are varied. And there’s often not enough time to take care of them. That’s where we come in, to help you put in place the right communication strategies and tools, while always ensuring that your budgets are respected.

Marketing consulting

Doing your job and staying the course in an ever-changing world is already quite a challenge. Entrepreneurs lack the time to analyze their marketing and communication needs and make the most appropriate choices.

Woomera helps you to see clearly, make the right choices and implement winning strategies.

Creation of logo and graphic charter

Be easily recognizable, convey a modern image in line with your values, services and products…. That’s what a graphic identity is for.

Our team of specialized creatives, graphic artists and designers will advise you and help your company, products and services to be more visible.

Website design and optimization

Building a website, maintaining it and getting it listed in Google are central to your communication and your business.

Our expertise in website design, particularly with WordPress, means we can achieve impressive results at very competitive rates.

Your Google presence

Being present in Google Business and on Google Map is a must if you’re looking to attract new customers. Just like having a well-referenced website.

Our experts can help you in this area, implementing strategies or campaigns that will boost your visibility and enable you to reach more prospects.

Social networks

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok? Advertising or organic publications? Which social networks are best? And above all, for what results?

Our specialists have the answers to these questions, and can advise you on the best way to develop your social networking presence to meet your objectives, while staying within your budget.

Printed matter, brochures, flyers etc…

Presenting your activities in print is still a simple and effective way of making yourself known.

From simple business cards to flyers and brochures, our graphic designers and printing partners produce quality printed matter at the right price.

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