Starlit Spring, an unforgettable evening event at the heart of Victor Horta’s universe.

Following the success of our first corporate event, ” Tribute to Brussels “, we had the opportunity to work on the organization of a second edition completely new. Our client wanted to thank its best employees for their loyalty by offering them an exceptional evening. For the occasion, the Woomera tribe pulled out all the stops.

We took up the challenge by creating the “Starlit Spring” event, an evening plunged into the world of Art Nouveau. This year, we chose to invite our guests to an extraordinary venue: Victor Horta’s Hôtel Max Hallet.

From the complete conception of the event to the selection of the venue and partners, including the creation of the name, visual identity, communication tools and branding at the venue, we took charge of the entire event.

Stars in your eyes: gourmet dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chef Isabelle Arpin.

In order to honor our customers in a unique way, we called on the renowned chef Isabelle Arpin. For the evening, she and her teams created a 5-course dinner as elegant as it was inspired, in keeping with Victor Horta’s masterful theme. Through each dish, she has captured the innovative spirit and distinctive architectural aesthetic of the famous Belgian master of Art Nouveau.

The result: dazzled guests and a charmed customer. A memorable evening that offered guests the chance to explore a remarkable work of architectural art, imbued with the captivating aesthetics of Art Nouveau.


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