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Good creative ideas need a good strategy to produce results

Whether it’s a question of acquisition strategies, conquering a new market, convincing a target, positioning a brand or simply rethinking a website, strategic analysis is the starting point for the communications projects we are entrusted with. Because without a good strategy, “a good idea will pass like a ship in the night”, as David Ogilvy used to say.

Brand strategy and branding

Brand strategy and branding

We have the expertise and experience to help you define your brand promise and identify its USP, so as to define your brand’s positioning in relation to its competitors. Whether you’re a start-up or a new small business that needs to build its brand image, or a more established brand that needs to reposition itself, our team is here to guide your thinking.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy

We develop communication strategies for a wide range of clients. Whether it’s a question of setting up a advertising campaign, define a strategy and content pillars for social networks, or define the most relevant messages to reach the most marketing or sales objectives you’ve set, we’ll work with you to devise the communication strategies that will help you to optimize your R.O.I.


Marketing: studies, research and analytics

Analytics, studies, data analysis

Data is an incredible source of insights and information, making it possible to properly diagnose a brand and identify the elements that need to be implemented.

Do you have quantitative and/or qualitative studies, statistics linked to your website or social networks, data on trends in your sector…? We’ll analyze them to extract the insights you need to define the brand or communications strategy that best meets your objectives. And if you don’t have your own studies, we can help you set them up.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Digital is everywhere, and increasingly central to brand and communications strategy. But it’s also part of a much larger whole, integrating the point-of-sale experience, offline communication and the user experience as a whole…

Thinking about a digital strategy means thinking about the complete consumer journey, and defining how to optimize each stage by integrating calls to action at the right moments to guide towards conversion, whatever that may be.

We help your brand make the most of the many touchpoints of the digital ecosystem.

Do you need advice on brand strategy or branding? Would you like to implement a communications or digital strategy and improve your performance?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to explain your needs and your project. A Woomera expert will get back to you to discuss the matter and provide you with valuable advice.

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