Layout and design of Mooks premium magazines for Degroof Petercam's investors and collectors.

Customer: Petercam Degroof

Mook Classic Cars, 72 pages,
2 versions NL/FR

Graphic design as part of a magazine construction and editorial project with a focus on customer loyalty and service

Woomera handled the graphic design and layout of premium magazines for the bank’s customers.

A mook as shiny as a classic car and a second mook to contemplate like a beautiful painting.

Woomera has created a 72-page mook (a cross between a “magazine” and a “book”) for the Zoute Grand Prix, a four-day festival of luxury classic cars that is a must for enthusiasts.

A second mook was produced for BRAFA (Brussels Art Fair).

For both events, Degroof Petercam is the preferred sponsor.

Both mooks reflect Degroof Petercam’s values of modernity and expertise.

Design and graphics at the service of the brand

For both mooks, Woomera has produced a modern and attractive visual and graphic approach, despite the relatively austere content of the legislative texts relating to the transfer of assets. Visually and graphically, we transposed the brand’s values: excellence, team spirit, entrepreneurial spirit. But also Degroof Petercam’s missions: asset protection, sustainable investment and partnership, modernity, expertise (through the words of their experts).

The result: editorial projects that are 100% at the service of the brand and its missions, and that speak to demanding customers.

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