Creation of a graphic charter and brand design and redesign of the website for Maison Martin, in-home chef and premium catering service

Customer: Maison Martin
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At the request of La Brigade Marketing, Food Agency (an agency specializing in food marketing) Woomera redesigned Maison Martin’s brand and graphic identity, and then developed the new website.

Maison Martin is the name of self-taught chef Martin and his team, who have been offering in-home catering and chef services for several years.
The positive trend in demand for this type of service since covid has led Martin to evolve his concept and give it a new lease of life. He therefore called on La Brigade Marketing to breathe new life into the company, in collaboration with Woomera for design and web.

Creation of a brand charter

Martin had opted for a logo with a nod to the world of food, creating curiosity and interest among customers and prospects, and fuelling storytelling around the values of quality and simplicity.
After modernizing the logo a little, Woomera worked on the brand design and developed the graphic charter.

A mouth-watering new website

The notion of “appetite appeal” is fundamental when you work in the food industry. It’s all about whetting the appetite, making people salivate by magnifying the preparations and ingredients. The superb work carried out by the specialist photographer (in photos and video), combined with Woomera’s clean design, have enabled us to develop a site that makes you want to taste the mouth-watering dishes, but also highlights the human side, the team that will be serving customers.

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