A tool for visualizing complex data, with a highly accessible UX and user-friendly design.

Customer: European Business Aviation Association
European Business Aviation Association Real-time data visualization

UX / UI, development of a data visualization web application

Woomera developed the data visualization application and integrated it into the existing website (WordPress).

EBAA (European Business Aviation Association), an industry association linked to air transport, used to print a paper statistical report every year, requiring weeks of project management.

As part of its digital transformation drive, and ahead of the arrival of covid, Woomera has built a 100% responsive web application to visualize this key sector data https://yearbook.ebaa.org

Absolute priority to UX

After afunctional analysis phase, Woomera designed and created a clear, interactive and easy-to-update UI. (Operate)

Priority was given to the user experience, to ensure that the digital tool would be preferred to the old paper version. And that data is consulted regularly. The challenge was met thanks to the user-friendly design of the UI.

A user-friendly UI

Based on our customer’s UX and design requirements, we used a series oficons, illustrations and web animations (Design) and created the entire data visualization through interactive charts and tables, optimizing use on smartphones as much as possible.

We then integrated the tool into the existing WordPress website. For more information: https://ebaa.org and https://yearbook.ebaa.org.

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