The fruit of collaboration between Woomera and The Brewers of Europe, the 4th edition of Brewup Magazine marks its second year of existence. Brewup Magazine is a European brewers’ publication for brewers and brewing industry professionals. The 4th edition of the magazine, released on Tuesday 15th November, is available on the European brewers’ web portal:

In the beginning was the web portal!

Developed in 2017 by Woomera, the website is primarily aimed at professionals in the brewing sector. It offers a comprehensive source of knowledge on brewing, the beer market and related issues.

With its high-quality content, some of which is freely accessible and others reserved exclusively for members or accessible via an e-commerce module, has become a key medium for the European brewing sector.

Brewup magazine, designed and laid out by Woomera, is the editorial extension of this success story.

Magazine design and layout

In early 2021, Woomera creative director Evelyne Daout, assisted by Aleksandar Cvetkovic, created the first layout for Brewup Magazine. They are now preparing the next issue, to be released on May 15, 2023 at the Brewers Forum 2023 in Prague.

The Woomera tribe involved in the project

  • Coordination and project management: Francois Bellens
  • Design and layout: Evelyne Daout, Aleksandar Cvetkovic
  • Website activation: Violette Jacobs, Jean-Francois Lefèbvre
  • Social network and email marketing activation: Francois Bellens

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