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Woomera designed and produced “Tribute to Brussels”, an exceptional evening event in a unique space on the Grand-Place in Brussels for a customer.

Our customer’s request was very clear: “We want to thank our best customers (C-levels from major companies) by surprising them with an exceptional and unique evening”.

We rose to the challenge by creating the “Tribute to Brussels” event, an evening tribute to Brussels (where our customer’s head office is located) in an exceptional location on the Grand-Place in Brussels.

From the complete conception of the event to the selection of the venue and partners, including the creation of the name, visual identity and communication tools, and branding at the venue, we took charge of the entire event.

Invitations sent

A unique venue on the Grand-Place, an original photographic exhibition by Eric Ostermann and a gourmet dinner prepared by two-starred chef Christophe Hardiquest.

To honor guests in a unique way, we identified a unique reception space with a direct view of the magnificent Grand-Place in Brussels, asked the very talented chef Christophe Hardiquest (Menssa) and his team to design and create a unique 6-course menu, and were also able to set up an ephemeral exhibition by self-taught photographer Eric Ostermann, who immortalizes Brussels with just as much talent. Guests were presented with a numbered print of one of the photographer’s works.

The result: in the opinion of our guests and our client, a highly successful evening, a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, thanks to our top-quality partners.

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