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Communication campaign for The Brewers of Europe

Time to re-connect

The Brewers of Europe is the European association that supports the brewing sector among European authorities and institutional and industrial targets linked to the sector, among others the HoReCa (Hotels – Restaurants – Cafés) domain. It is no secret that the hospitality (HoReCa) sector has been severely affected by the containment measures linked to Covid. This has had a direct influence on the brewing sector, of course.
In order to boost both the brewing and HoReCa sectors, The Brewers of Europe wanted to build a positive communication campaign in the context of decontainment in the summer of 2020.

The Woomera approach
We imagined and developed the #Re-connect campaign with a real desire to promote the notion of re-connection in its broadest sense, i.e. the re-connection between the players in the sector, the re-connection between HoReCa venues and their clients, the re-connection between individuals…
Positive messages that we mainly relayed via social networks, and which have been taken up by many players in the sector or those close directly related to it. We also built and shared videos that demonstrate the importance of reconnecting both on a business and human level.
A friendly and human campaign, like good times shared between friends.

#Reconnect #SupportingHospitality #TheBrewersOfEurope

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