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Digital transformation for more effective communication

During 2019, we were contacted by the European Business Aviation Association
(EBAA), which has hundreds of members in Europe, to develop a complex data visualisation tool for the members of the association and other potentially interested partners (airports, aeronautics industry…).
Each year a large amount of data was collected and processed to be presented in a printed booklet of several dozen pages. A very well designed work but with fixed data. And above all, a time-consuming task of monitoring and updating, leaving room for errors.
Our mission was to move to a 100% digital version, easy to update and close to zero mistakes.

The Woomera approach
On the basis of the data that was transmitted to us in excel files, we first designed prototypes for each of the data sets (key data for countries – top 50 airports – top 50 aircraft models). These prototypes were initially designed in static mode and in a second step animated in order to validate the visual and animated choices.
Once the prototypes had been validated, we moved on to the industrialisation phase in order to produce the data visualizations for each country, with real time dynamic updates, and with the possibility of downloading the contents in pdf or ppt or sharing them via social networks. Finally, we integrated the tool into the EBAA website, managed by an external company.
A good example of digital transformation applied to data communication for a trade association.

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