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Website and communication for the PULSE study

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Website and communication for the PULSE study

An action that “pulses” to promote In-Home Advertising

The company bpost media, bpost’s flagship for the promotion of In-Home Advertising and papermail to the communication sector (communication agencies, media agencies, advertisers…), regularly carries out large-scale studies to demonstrate the effectiveness and power of this medium.
Woomera’s mission was to develop communication tools, starting with a website, to present this study and use it as a gateway for bpost media’s sales teams to their clients and prospects.

Woomera’s approach
We first worked on the identity of the study, in order to increase its potential for recognition and communication. As the subject is linked to the emotional power of In-Home Advertising, we chose the name PULSE, on the basis of which we then built the visual and iconographic universe, while of course respecting bpost’s charter and corporate graphic identity.
We then developed the website and the platform for presenting the results. Starting from the raw data, we added a graphic and development layer in order to make the data visualisation very pleasant despite the complexity of the data cross-referencing. Some data was accessible to all audiences by simply requesting a login, while the more sensitive data was only accessible to bpost media’s sales teams.
In order to promote the data visualisation platform, we also produced video explanimations, postcards, content for social networks, emailings…
The Pulse study was awarded a silver award at the AMMA in 2020 in the category “best piece of research”, which makes us all the more proud to have been able to contribute to its influence.

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